Wireless Solution

Nowadays, WiFi is widely used in universities, colleges, primary and secondary schools and even kindergartens; it becomes a very important aspect for consider while provide the related facilities.
Our diversify Networking & WiFi solutions can meet up the needs of SMBs, Schools and  Enterprises as one.
Our professional team are experienced and successfully provided services and solutions  in all the time of the year; like network testing and evaluation services, professional WiFi consultation and deployment to many schools, factories and of course offices.

Basic process of Set up WiFi

WiFi Solutions

The importance of a properly designed and implemented wifi solution in mission critical application environments cannot be overstated. Without the key foundation of radio frequency expertise, plus an understanding of all physical elements and the it infrastructure, a wifi network will not deliver on the promises of efficiency, security and productivity.
Cypher Martin provide the most complete solution for WiFi solutions, ranging from enterprise, ISP, education, government to telecom.