Networking & Mobility

Nowadays, WiFi is widely used in universities, colleges, primary and secondary schools and even kindergartens; it becomes a very important aspect for consider while provide the related facilities.

Our diversify Networking & WiFi solutions can meet up the needs of SMBs, Schools and  Enterprises as one.

Our professional team are experienced and successfully provided services and solutions  in all the time of the year; like network testing and evaluation services, professional WiFi consultation and deployment to many schools, factories and of course offices.

Basic process of Set up WiFi
  1. Project Meeting Meet with clients to understand the needs of customers in the wireless network, including coverage and application.
  2. Site Study Professional engineers would visit the facility to inspect the site, measure the coverage of the network, evaluate the best connection points to reduce the blind spot, and prepare the project flow chart and network sketch.
  3. Deployment Set up all the connection points, as well as integration with the existing network (if any), and the completion of the system and users’ requirement settings.
  4. Site Testing (UAT) Spot to test and maintain the security levels to ensure good results with professional thirdparties testing equipment.
  5. Supporting and After-sales Service Follow up and technical support service will be provided after the deployment completed. Customer would enjoy the support like phone call or e-mail answering the difficulties and remote viewing for solve their ad-hot.